They're heeeeere… Again.

Tobe Hooper’s classic horror film returns to theatres for one night engagement
poltergeist.jpgMy favorite scary movie moment ever comes from 1982’s Poltergeist. Its the scene, all done in one shot, which opens with the Mom (JoBeth Williams) rearranging some chairs around the kitchen table. The camera pans with her as she puts away some towels in a drawer, then pans back with her to reveal the chairs stacked on the table by supernatural forces.

25 years after it first scared the poop out of this then 10 year old, Poltergeist will return to theatres nationwide for one night on October 4th. What better way to launch the best month of the year?

For a list of local theatres participating in the screening, and video of both the trailer AND the scene mentioned above, keep reading. (yeah, we’re all treats and no tricks around here).

From Fathom Events:

Among the cinemas scheduled to show it are the Century City 15 in L.A., the Downtown Disney 12 in Anaheim, the Irvine Spectrum 21 in
Irvine, the Civic Center Stadium 16 in Simi Valley, the Riverside Plaza Stadium 16 in Riverside, the Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills and the Long Beach Stadium 26 in Long Beach. For ticket information and a full list of theaters, go to

Tickets for the Century City screening can be found here. For other locations around Los Angeles go here.


The Chairs