Hollywood Gothtique: Video reviews of local haunts

hauntedmeyerestate.gifHollywood Gothtique is an expansive horror and Halloween themed website that reviews films, posts events, and includes listings of both professional and amateur haunts.

In 2005, they also put together a series of videos touring Los Angeles area “yard haunts”, which, as they point out, tend to be better than anywhere else because of the concentration of professional effects and art department folks who can put their skills to use at their own home.

The host adds that Halloween is “the one night of the year when you can have a great time in Los Angeles for no money” because of all the fantastic yard haunts that appear.

After the jump, video from part one of the series…

Here’s part one, which features “Graveyard 907” and “Nightmare Junction” – both from the suburbs of Burbank. The rest can be found at the Hollywood Gothtique page on YouTube

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