It's Gothtober!

goth_pub.jpgNeed help counting down the days til Halloween? From the depths of Echo Park comes Gothtober, an online Halloween “Advent calendar”…

This year’s Gothtober, in addition to the usual recipes, adventures, films and crafts behind it’s doors will offer a coloring contest, a craft-oriented bike ride print-out, and assorted sundries at the Gothtober Store.

This, the 5th incarnation, follows a Queen Mary-ish theme, which makes for a fun page to move your mouse around on to see the different views.

(They also have a Mac widget that brings you a new inspirational message every day, such as: “When vampires try to put the bite on you for a free meal, let them know in no uncertain terms that it would be in vein” and “Zombies who eat popcorn with their fingers should be advised: It’s a lot more gracious to eat the fingers separately, and do remember to use napkins.”)