And you thought the people who attended the Learning Annex were scary…

The Los Angeles branch of the Learning Annex is getting into the Halloween spirit with three different classes taking on the supernatural from all angles:

In “Ghost Legends Revealed Aboard the Queen Mary” attendees will be able to experience the haunted themed attraction there before participating in an interactive tour “through locations not accessible to the public, blurring the line between reality and imagination.” (Saturday, Oct. 20th, 12:30pm-4pm in Long Beach).

On the same day at about the same time, you can “Unleash the Power of Wicca” with witch Fiona Horne. The title sounds a little misleading, as the course description sounds more like Witchcraft 101 – defining Wicca, explaining the importance of Samhain, and the rudimentary basics of creating a magic altar. Lets face it – learning a spell book takes time! (Saturday, October 20th, 1pm to 4pm)

And the day before Halloween, take “Ghost Busting – Connecting with the Other Side” with panelists Larry Montz of ISPR, medium Daena Smuller (who claims to have been possessed by Bob Crane and Marvin Gaye), clairivoyant Rebecca Jernigan, and CBS Radio’s Ron Kilgore. (Tuesday, Oct. 30th, 6:45pm-9:30pm)