Kitty litter cake, anyone?

“My kitty litter cake is always a huge hit. People have applauded me for how authentic it looks, and are surprised at how tasty it is.”

Our friend, Mary Patton, the indie-artist manager and entertainment consultant, has been in the kitchen again. You may remember her Jell-O brain from last week on Creepy LA. As promised, here is her Halloween cake.

The Chicago native, now an Angeleno, tells us about her other dessert creations, plus a recipe after the jump…

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen any of my other specialty creations. I’ve been known to make cakes resembling certain male and female body parts too. Figuring out how to make gigantic fleshy mounds was interesting, but once I came up with the idea on how to do it, I was able to give a breast-loving friend a big busty surprise for his birthday…cream-filled, no less!

But the best is the reaction I get from men who get to watch us slice into the male version of my bizarre baked goods. If watching them cringe from the cutting isn’t funny enough, then I get to watch the surprise on their face when they bite into the mouth-watering member and discover the vanilla pudding filling inside.

You too can create your own kitty litter cake for your Halloween party. And if you have a cat, you might want to keep it away from the food table.