Michael Jackson's monkey sues haunted house; Nicole Goldman's ghost co-plaintiff

Or thats the rumor I hear explaining why Brentwood’s “Celebrity Spookhouse” closed almost as soon as it opened. A recent article in the LaLa Times explains that a local promoter rented OJ’s former Rockingham home for the month of October:

In the kitchen, an O.J. impersonator rummages through the drawers before finding a rubber knife and chasing after spectators. In the dining room, it’s a gun-toting Robert Blake who scares the visitors. And in the foyer closet you will find Michael Jackson bleaching his pubic hair.

Nearby in the living room, visitors see what looks to be Phil Spector fiddling with a revolver while listening to his favorite songs. And behind him?: A hung jury dangles in the breeze.

Of course, this doesn’t explain how they were able to rent the house, considering it was torn down a decade ago… creepy!