Pumpkin Carving Masters

pumpkingods.jpgThis weekend CreepyLA unofficially co-hosted a Halloween pumpkin carving party at a haunted former resident hotel known by locals as Chateau El Scarito.

Nearly forty jack-o-lanterns were in competition and voted on by all in attendance. At right are the winners (click for a closeup):

At left is third place winner Christine Louise Berry, who continues to be shocked that her Bauhaus-esque creation won her a prize (a 99 cent store bag of stuff, no less).

At right is Jessica Chissum, who severed an artery while rushing to finish her second place pumpkin by the deadline and used the blood to give her jack-o-lantern some color. Doesn’t she look oddly familiar?

And in the center is Mark Englert, the first place winner, with a kid friendly demon fetus design.

... above photo by Scot Ezell…

Following photos by “Doubletee”:




This last one didn’t win anything, but earns a “no prize” for creativity and effort: