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Make your own Sarah Palin costume for Halloween

The author as Sarah Palin with friends.

The author as Sarah Palin with friends.

Whether you love Sarah Palin or love to hate her, one thing is certain: she is definitely adding some much needed glamour to the Republican Party! Those glossy lips, that frosted, tousled hair- mark my words, “The Sarah Palin” is going to be the quintessential costume for Halloween ’08. It’s cheap, it’s fun, sure to turn some heads and get people talking… or arguing. For a recent appearance as Governor Palin, I gathered all the necessities for under $100. Here’s how you can, too: The Perfect Palin ‘Do: Unless you already have that perfect Palin high-lighted honey-brown hair, you’ll need a wig. I found one at Hollywood Wigs for $35. Make sure it’s acrylic, no need to spend extra dough on real human hair. Find one that’s light brown, preferably with bangs. Most will have extra-long bangs already, but if not, ask the friendly salesperson to cut them for you. Trim just past your eyebrows, almost into your eyes. Use a banana clip or a ponytail holder and bobby pins for that signature Palin updo. Twist the hair up into the banana clip, or ponytail it and pin the “wisps” up and around the ponytail.

Sexy Librarian Glasses: According to ABC News, Palin’s rectangular glasses are flying off the shelves. But no need to throw down $375 for the titanium pair that Palin sports, any drugstore like CVS or Rite-Aid (where I found mine) will have a large array of reading glasses. I found a pair of rectangular red-framed glasses that worked just fine. Make sure you don’t get the high-powered magnifying glasses, or you’ll have a headache by the end of the night. If all they have is magnifiers, make sure you punch out the plastic lenses, especially if you are driving. Cost: $20

Sarah Palin (Jessica Chisum) and former Daily Show correspondant Lauren Weedman

Sarah Palin (Jessica Chisum) and former Daily Show correspondent Lauren Weedman

Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer! Wear an orangey-tan base, heavy on the bronzer. Palin loves her blush, people. And Palin also likes a nice helping of dark-brown eyeliner, but only around the bottom of her eyes. I wore a pair of fake eyelashes as well that I found laying around. What’s the real difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Glossy Mauve! The key to Palin-perfect makeup is the glossy mauve lipstick. This I picked up at at the drugstore as well. Can I give a shout-out to Wet’n’Wild? Don’t forget the glossy top-coat, which you will be re-applying all night long. If you are lucky, some of it might end up on the collar of that handsome Joe Biden impersonator sitting by the punchbowl. Cheap mauve lipstick: $1.00. Clear lip-gloss: $5.00. The Palin Power Suit: You have several options for the no-nonsense Palin suit. I let my local thriftstore make the color decision for me. Look for a shoulder-padded blazer in red, black or gray. I found a black one in my size, and paired it with a red button-up shirt underneath for added pizzazz. While you’re there, you’ll find skirts of every color and length. Palin likes her skirts knee-length and sensible, but I found a black mini that added a little sassafras. Now just grab a pair of black heels from your closet, and you are the portrait of Palin. And no pantyhose ladies, Palin stays away from the nylons. Why? She’s got those moose-hunting Alaskan gams, she’s gonna show ‘em off. Blazer, skirt, optional undershirt: $20-$30. Earrings: Palin loves the danglies. She’s got dangly little gold nugget Alaskas, dangly diamond flowers, dangly Athabaskan Porcupine quills (don’t ask) and pearls on a dangle. She’s also a fan of the big hoops, which I opted for on my Palin night.

The author holding Baby Trig.

The author holding Baby Trig.

Palin Props and Accessories: I decided to get crafty and make a few Palinesque accessories of my own. Palin often wears an American flag pin, so I simply printed a color picture of a tiny American flag and glued it to my lapel. I also made a “Gov. Sarah Palin” nametag to wear to help all of the partyfolk who are slow to catch on. Last but not least, I found a baby doll ($3.00) at a thriftstore that I wrapped in a yellow towel. That’s right, my little Baby Trig. Learn from my mistakes: I chose a Russ brand “Troll” doll and seriously offended some bystanders. If you have any Alaskan props on hand like rifles, animal pelts (I used a fuzzy rabbit pelt for a diaper), mooseburgers, canned salmon, a parka, muk-luks, mittens, snow boots, a hockey stick, or a stuffed polar bear on a noose, feel free to get creative! Total cost of Sarah Palin Costume: $91.00 —– Author Jessica Chisum is an Alaskan-born actress, now based in Los Angeles. You can watch her perform as Sarah Palin here. All photos by David Markland, available under Creative Commons.  

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