CyberWear – Toxic Accoutrement

Photography courtesy of CyberWear

Photography courtesy of CyberWear

In my compulsive shopping forays (the ones that are not focused on high heels,) I have come across ‘must-haves’ for the die hard spooky fruits and gloom cookies out there with ever expanding wardrobes like mine – especially in the accessory department.

I give you glow-in-the-dark syringe pins!

These oddly compelling cyber broaches come in blue, green, pink and yellow. They are perfect for transforming yourself into a futuristic zombie, post apocalyptic survivor or maybe a walking hazmat disaster. These are not mass produced and you will not run into very many other people with them, which is always a plus in my book.

CyberWear is a local Los Angeles business just getting started (thus the MySpace page for the time being pending a website launch) but already showing quite a bit of imagination. I’m a big fan of their spiked monocles with a blue light inside of them that look like something straight out of the Borg Collective.

If I can get them to make one with a pink light and encrusted in Swarovski crystals, I’ll be one happy vixen.