Knott's Scary Farm 2008 hits and misses

Copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski

Steve from Hollywood Gothtique gives Knott’s “Scary Farm” two bloody thumbs up, and says there’s enough good new stuff to recommend visiting even if you went last year…

  1. We most enjoyed QUARANTINE (based on the upcoming film), which is shorter than most of the mazes but quite intense.
  2. LABYRINTH replaces the old Lore of the Vampire and it recreates much of the same ethereal, seductive atmosphere, with elves and fairies instead of revenants.
  3. CORNSTALKERS is an outdoor maze with lots of living scarecrows – much better than the Dark Realm attraction that occupied the same space last year.
  4. CLUB BLOOD is a sort of vampire nightclub – hip and trendy.
  5. ALIEN ANNIHILATION is lengthy and elaborate: lots of monsters, make-up, props. Finally, T
  6. HE SLAUGHTERHOUSEis a sort of generic variation on the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – pretty effective if your tase runs toward gruesome horror.

Unfortunately, the uninspired Killer Klown Kollege and Lost Vegas in 3D are back this year. Balancing them out is the Doll Factory, which impressed us greatly when it made its debut last year. The Asylum may have worn out its welcome, but 13 Axe Murder Manor is still fun, as is the Black Widow Cavern.

Bottom line: Knott’s 2008 won’t leave you feeling you’ve been there and done that before.

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