Learn to write the next horror masterpiece from expert goremeisters!

If you’re anything like the writers here at Creepy LA, you sit around often thinking of the dead – either on how to make more of ’em, or how to bring ’em back from the grave. Sometime people like us are referred to as psycopaths, and, well, since this is Hollywood, the rest are called screenwriters. Which brings me to this:

On Wednesday, July 8th, the Writers Guild Foundation as part of its “Writers on Genre” series, presents a panel on writing horror films…

Scare masters Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan (Saw IV, V); Scott Kosar (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror); Stiles White & Juliet Snowdon (Knowing, and upcoming Poltergeist remake) tell how to write a successful blood-dripping spook flick.

Starts at 8pm. Tickets between $10 and $20, almost sold out, and they warn standby tickets may cost as much as your scalp. More here.

WGA, 7000 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048