Three Night Paranormal Lecture Series coming to Santa Monica, August 21-23


Magicoplis in Santa Monica will host “Paranormal L.A.” from August 21st to the 23rd. Each night will feature a pair of lectures on topics ranging from bigfoot, to demons, to hauntings.

Paranormal L.A.  is being assembled by the editors behind, who hope to apply their approach to the website to the event and “present lectures and talks to the public that come from prominent individuals who approach the subject in a skeptical, logical and open-minded manner. ”

The speakers:

  • Loren Coleman, “the world’s leading cryptozoologist.”
  • Linda Godfrey, author of numerous books on hauntings, monsters, and other unexplained phenomenon.
  • Barry Conrad, paranormal investigator.

Tickets are $50/day, or $125 for all three days. Full details here.

Paranormal L.A., August 21-23
, 1418 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA  90401