Make your own Octomom costume for Halloween (or to frighten away blind dates)

The Nadya Suleman costume is two costumes in one: first, its an Octomom costume, but secondly, the Octomom was clearly all along trying to dress up like Angelina Jolie. And by dress up, I mean “become” Angelina Jolie. But really, who can blame her?

Regardless, CreepyLA is here to help you assemble all the items you need to dress up like the Octomom for Halloween, to compete on “Let’s Make A Deal,” or just to creep out the neighbors.

Here’s the breakdown:

Lips!  Short of actual collagen implants, to get those exagerrated Angelina lips, or natural Octomom lips, you can overpaint your lips way outside your normal lipline, or resort to props… like wax lips. The downside, of course, is that you’ll need to hold these in your mouth, so you’ll likely either want to have a whole stash of cheap wax lips, or tie one to an elastic string an wear around your head.

Long black hair.  Clearly, easy for those of you with existing long hair (and pitch black dye if necessary). For everyone else: wigs.

Jessica Chisum, who wrote about dressing up as Sarah Palin, suggests purchasing wigs made of acrylic – “no need to spend extra dough on real human hair,” and recommends Hollywood wigs, where she found a realistic head of fake hair for $35. But unless you’re going for authentic, you can even go cheaper. Amazon has a number of long black wigs to choose from, some as low as $8.00, or you may get even cheaper at local discount stores as they put out their Halloween merchandise.

Babies! While props are usually a mere accessory for costumes, having more than a handful of infants is an essential costume piece for your Octomom getup. While quantity is a requirement, a big budget isn’t – cheap, plastic dolls can easily be found at local thrift stores for a couple bucks each, and let’s face it, you’ll need at least eight.

To keep those kids in tow, you’ll need to get creative: consider a large sling, or encumber yourself with an assortment of bags with the babies’ heads sticking out. You could glue them all together, or with some velcro stick them all over your body. And make sure you name them – I recommend using Angelina’s kids for suggestions: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, and, well, Brad. For the eighth

The extended belly/womb. For the appearance of a bun in the over (or numerous loaves), you can always stuff a pillow or some folded up towels under a t-shirt, or, better yet, inside a pair of hiked up tights or yoga pants. You’ll need to experiment and shift the padding around to eliminate lumps, and make sure things stay in place while you trick r treat, get your drink on, or pose for the paparazzi, so experiment with this ahead of time.


If you have a bit more of a budget, consider indulging in a pre-made “belly stuffer” often used for Santa Claus costumes ( belly stuffer suggestion).

Clothing. Seriously, if you have the lips, the hair, the belly, and the kids, you could wear a garbage bag and everyone would know you were the Octomom – your threads barely matter.

But, if you’re after authenticity, try for this legendary photo showing a 9 months pregnant Nadya Suleman, ready to burst as 8 kids swim around inside her belly.

You could also go with any type of maternity wear, or maybe an oversized t-shirt that says, “Babies on Board,” and accesorize with a few hospital bracelets, and you’re more than set.

For post birth casual wear, Nadya Suleman appears to really be into velour and “juicy” style gym suits, but whats the fun in that?

Additional twist: A few Octomom costume pics floating around the web take her name as literally as possible and giving her eight tentacles with which to carry her new kids. EHow has a down and dirty guide on how to make your own octopus costume, which could easily be adapted with the above tips to make for a more Lovecraftian Octomom outfit.

Any other creative suggestions for creating an Octomom costume? Let us know in the comments!