Halloween Horror Nights to feature "Shaun of the Dead" scarezone – casting lookalikes, other undead, and more.

shaunofthedeadUniversal Studios Hollywood will be having open casting calls on July 29, 30, and 31 for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. The official listing generalizes the roles being cast as “scareactors,” “streetmosphere,” and “maze performers,” but a look at the Twitter feed for Horror Night’s creative director, John Murdy (@horrornights), reveals a few hints as to specifics:

  • “Scarface fans…we need Tony Montana types to show up at next week’s audition. Zombie Scarface will return.”
  • “Wanted: Actress for role in HHN. Must be outgoing, energetic & comfortable around used syringes.”
  • “Need actors to play “Shaun” and “Ed” from “Shaun of the Dead” at next week’s audition. Spread the word.”

This last tweet came after the “Twitter exclusive” that “Shaun of the Dead,” the 2004 zombie romantic comedy, would be the theme of a scarezone at Hollywood’s Universal Horror Nights “SOTD” fans will appreciate that Murdy’s attention to detail goes so far as to which records can, or can’t, be sticking out of a zombies cranium.

The film series “Saw,” as previously announced, will also feature prominently into the 2009 Horror Nights, with both its own scarezone and an appearance along the tram tour. No tips as to how to use this info to prepare for the open auditions… except perhaps to prepare scream a lot, or be willing to hack off one of your limbs.

Open calls will be held between 6pm and 9pm between July 29th and July 31st (AGVA members between 5pm and 6pm) at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios – park in the Frankenstein lot and follow the signs. Full details here.