Knott's "Calico Ghost Town" heading to the big screen.

Knotts-Berry-Farm-Calico-Ghost-Town_48246836Disneyland’s trend of turning amusement park attractions has rubbed off on Orange County neighbor Knott’s Berry Farm, which has sold the rights to it Calico Ghost Town to James Moll, a filmmaker with a long list of documentary credits. According to Daily Variety:

Story’s set in the Wild West at the turn of the century, centering on the boomtown gold mining town of Calico, which has been overrun by ghosts and evil supernatural creatures…

“…It’s the perfect setting for a big, spooky, family adventure with all the elements of a classic Western — cowboys, showgirls, gunfights, chases through creepy mines — all with a supernatural twist, ” Moll said.

The deal covers all the characters from Calico Ghost Town, as well as all the rides within the theme park’s Western themed area.

Among the elements possibly up for the adaptation, described as “in the tone of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean:’” the Ghostrider, one of the largest wooden rollercoasters in the world with cars fashioned to look like mine carts, and permanent resident Hiram McTavish, whose grave in Calico’s own Boot Hill Cemetery whose heart visitors can feel beating when they stand upon his grave. The epithet on his marker reads:

Ledgend has it the heart will beat again after 40 years. Any varmint place their foot on his grave who feels that beatin will be saddled with good luck.

For pics from around the Calico Ghost Town, visit, a Knotts Berry Farm fan site.