Three last chances to see "Trick 'R Treat" on the big screen!

trick-r-treat-1A few days before “Trick ‘R Treat” hits DVD and Blu Ray on October 6th, fans of Halloween and horror films in the Los Angeles area will be able to catch it at any of three screenings between The Silent Movie Theatre and The New Beverly Cinema.

The Silent Movie Theatre, who’ll be showing “Trick ‘R Treat” on Friday, October 2nd at 8pm, summarizes the film as “a vivid intersection of Halloween folk traditions, throwbacks to classic Hollywood scare fests, smart storytelling, and morbid humor, Trick ‘r Treat is a reminder of why we fell in love with Halloween in the first place.”

Writer/director Michael Dougherty will be in attendance to present the film and follow it with a q&a, as well as to show some of his earlier work, and for some non-candy nourishment, LA’s only haunted hot dog cart, The Franken Stand, will be selling its vegan dogs.  (Tickets: $13. More details.)

At the New Beverly Cinema on Sunday and Monday, October 4th and 5th, “Trick ‘R Treat” will be the first half of a double feature with “Creepshow,” starting at 7pm. Ryan Rotten with, co-host of the screening, writes, “Hands-down, Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat remains one of my favorite horror films of the decade.”

On the screenings, he adds, “We’re in talks with Dougherty to line up some fun for both nights – hopefully we’ll be able to wrangle some special guests and giveaways.” (Tickets: $7 cash at the box office. Keep an eye on this post for updated details.)

While the DVD and Blu-Ray release will finally allow this magnificent film be seen by mainstream America, don’t miss catching it at least once in a movie theatre as originally intended.