Listen to "Thriller" before it was "Thriller"

Diehard “Thriller” fans should run out and see This Is It if only for the all too brief sequence showing the making of a 3D zombie sequence being made for the concert. In addition to the cool visuals, you’ll also hear some additional lyrics to Vincent Price’s rap that don’t appear on the album or the original music video.

But here’s something I just recently ran across – Michael Jackson’s recording of “Starlight,” the song that would eventually become “Thriller” with completely new lyrics. This is pretty mindblowing… take a listen:


The legend is that songwriter Rod Templeton woke up with a vision of the word “Thriller” at the top of Billboard’s charts, changes were made, and the rest is history.

Can you imagine the “Thriller” album, let alone this song, with any other title? Goes to show that zombies and a lil creepiness make everything better.