"The World's Biggest Ghost Hunt" To Be Held In Downtown L.A. on Halloween

Our favorite gangs of ghouls, the Esotouric tour company and GHOULA (the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles) have teamed up to present what they’re billing as “The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt” on Halloween day at the Million Dollar Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.

Activities begin at noon at the ever creepy Clifton’s Cafeteria, where the Los Angeles Visionary Association (LAVA) will have presentations by Richard Carradine and Lisa Mouse of GHOULA, and a table reading by Joe Oesterle (“Weird Hollywood” – yes, we’re big fans around here). There will also be some sort of attempt to contact Houdini using an “internet time capsule.” Attendance at the LAVA meetup is free.

At 2:30pm, following the presentations, the ghost hunt at the Million Dollar Theatre will begin. To participate in the spook hunt, a $5 donation for building preservation is requested.

Just think – you could hear ghost stories, hunt for actual ghosts in a haunted old theatre, and be home in time for trick-r-treating. How could you ask for a better Halloween?