Get ghosty on Halloween day

First off, thanks to anyone who has visited the site after hearing editor David Markland speak today on Carson Daly’s morning radio show (archived here). For those of you who asked, my story about the ghost of the aviator who haunts the backlot of Universal Studios will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning. For now, if you hearing whistling when you get off the tram tour at Halloween Horror Nights, run!

Amanda Aguirre, Nick Matonak, Richard Carradine and Yoli Gonzalez scout for ghosts before Sunday’s Million Dollar Ghost Hunt.

We previously wrote about the Million Dollar Ghost Hunt taking place Sunday afternoon in Downtown LA. Unfortunately, reservations were quickly booked up. However…

Preceding the ghost hunt, Kim Cooper and Richard Schave’s Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA) Salon will be held at Clifton’s Caferia starting at noon. It’s free and open to the public. Speaking will be Joe Oesterle, who’ll tell some of the stories too strange to make it into “Weird Hollywood,” Mesmeralda, a skid row fortune teller, will share tales of La Llarona and other stories in musical form, and their will be an attempt to speak to the spirit of Harry Houdini using experimental techniques.

Finally, for those of you who were hoping to attend the ghost hunt, a few spots will be made available during the LAVA event. If you want to come prepared, bring $5 cash and a flashlight. The ghost hunt will immediately follow the salon.