The Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast

“The Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast” curates a collection of extraordinary and mysterious stories.” Not recommended for listening to alone, especially with the lights out late at night.

Sarah Troop, a long time member of the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project, hosts these free podcasts of eerie stories and news catering to purveyors of the supernatural and all things creepy.

“I’ve always been enamored with anything macabre, especially the possibility of paranormal phenomena,” Troop tells us. “I’ve been active as a field researcher of psi phenomena for over eight years now as a physics and acoustics specialist and started writing a blog detailing my experiences in what was then, an uncommon field. Thrown in the mix were stories about LA weirdness, or other oddities. Last year, a couple friends who do a paranormal themed podcast, Conversations Through The Veil, approached me about creating a show within theirs, and this was how The Cabinet was created.”

“Discovering LA’s stories is like reading a collection of Shirley Jackson shorts – familiar and comforting on the surface, haunting and deeply disturbing within,” Troop says, adding that the story of Willa Rhoads is particularly fond to her.

“She was a 16 year old girl whose parents belonged to a cult in the 1920’s. Willa was suffering from a toothache and the cult leaders advised the parents to do nothing resulting in the girl’s death. The cult then prepared Willa for what they believed would be her resurrection day by mummifying Willa along with seven purebred dogs, deemed a necessary ‘ingredient’ to the process. They moved Willa and the dogs around for a year until they were finally discovered by police, buried under the floor in a house in Santa Monica.”

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