Halloween Zombie Walk 2011: World Wide


Greeting zombie fans and horror freaks alike!  Are you ready for the apocalypse?

The days are becoming limited as Halloween creeps closer. And do you know what that means?

Soon that the dead, or rather undead, will be walking the earth.

But before you  get your shotgun and axe and start attacking random “zombies,” grab your makeup instead.

Starting October 29th, a world wide Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur! That is right, WORLD WIDE.

Zombies everywhere are climbing out of their graves to put on a show and roam the streets until midnight of Halloween of this year.  This is a three day event, so make sure you have your supply of twinkies and nerf guns ready for an ultimate battle.

Day 1: Zombie Outbreak (October 29th)
Day 2: Survival of the Fittest (October 30th)
Day 3: Fight to the End (Halloween)

To see the rules and anything else that may be good please visit this link.

   Disclaimer:  These are not real zombies so please do not really kill them but if by some weird world event zombies did rise from the graves…then run for your life if you can’t fight for your life.  Or better yet, join the dead!


Photo props (top) to my friend Elizabeth Lortie.  Bottom taken by Graves (Me)