Bride of Creepy: Six bachelorettes so far; not too late for more!

Late last month we launched our “Bride of Creepy” competition, seeking a lovely living, dead, or undead lady worthy of the title. And a few token prizes. So far we have had six eligible bachelorettes profiled here on CreepyLA (see below), and have plenty of room for more.

In summary, if you’re interested, just read the instructions and fill out the form on our entry page. Then, after we post your profile page, make sure to tell our your friends to “like” the page. The five bachelorettes with the most “likes” by October 10th will make it to the next and final round, then readers will vote on the final winner.

Whether you’re a scream queen wannabe, a blood drenched wench, a cauldron kitty or sexy witch, a horror loving goth, or a vampy vamp, you may be exactly what we’re looking for to be the Bride of Creepy.

Stuffless will send one of these pals to the winning Bride's door.

The prizes

First and foremost, the Bride of Creepy will receive the bragging rights that she’s the Bride of Creepy, at least until next August when we run our next contest. Creepy’s love is eternal, but his dedication to commitment is not. Trust me – it’s for the best.

The Bride will also receive a copy of “How To Survive A Horror Movie” by Seth Grahame-Smith. Check out Ryan Rotten’s review of the book here.

The lovely folks at Stuffless will also send the Bride a stuffed pal of their choice. She will be able to choose between the Dead Ted, Bram Poke-Her Vampire, or Wolfman Puck Werewolf plushes. (They’re also extending a 20% discount to our readers – just use the code “CREEPY” at checkout.)

The Bachelorettes (so far)

Here’s a quick peek at our contenders to date. All readers should visit these pages and “like” the ones they’d like to make it to the next round. Potential bachelorettes may want to check out the competition (but no cat fighting! At least til the bachelor party).

Dahlia Jane

Holly Go Darkly

Holly Go Darkly

Miss Chrissy Lynn Macabre


Eva Halloween

Inker Bella