Bride of Creepy Bachelorette: Miss Cheribomb

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About her: I’m an L.A. transplant, born in the South, raised all over the world. But don’t let my sweet demeanor and Southern charm fool you. I’ve been known to lure in victims and rip their hearts out without spilling a drop of blood on my corset.

My obsession with the dark side started very young. As a child I dreamed about vampires and ghosts and other creatures of the night, but mainly vampires. I thought they would come for me as they told me in the dreams. I’m still waiting. *Sigh*

I love all things occult. I would love to be a professional ghost hunter/cryptozoologist/paranormal researcher/corset wearing badass

For the ultimate creepy date she’d go to: The Queen Mary for dinner and ghost hunting…

In a horror film, she’d most likely be: The killer herself!

Her ideal funeral: Organ music, champagne fountain, Victorian garb with readings of Poe and vampire movies playing in the background. My corpse will wear a corset. There will be sushi and karaoke in the lounge afterward. And I will be watching, guaranteed. 🙂

Who is the sexiest horror icon ever? Elvira.

Her creepiest Los Angeles moment: I was walking around the Queen Mary desperately searching for an area of the ship I saw on the map. I eventually found the area I sought right in front of my eyes. And as I started down the stairs I saw the captain of the ship walk by. I immediately yelled to my friend, who was messing around in a closet, to get out before the captain sees him and kicks him off. He looks at me like I’m crazy and says that there is no captain on the ship. Perplexed, I walked down to where the captain was, and looked down the hall where he had walked only to find a dead end and no captain.