Coffin Hunt #6 clue: Dead End

The featured prize for today’s successful grave digger is a 4-pack of tickets to the live action game “Living Dead Uprising: Los Feliz” on either October 20 or 27.

“Living Dead Uprising” puts players in the role of the undead to complete challenges, rack up points and “level up,” and of course to eat braiiinnnss!!! Combining the best elements of a scavenger hunt with a pub crawl, players will be rewarded with free drinks and other prizes.

The four tickets includes entry to the event and two free drink coupons per zombie.

The finder of this coffin will also receive:

For those who show up a little late for the coffin, a few stickers and other goodies should be left behind as a consolation prize.

As for today’s clue:

A much more public, albeit much younger, all male club built this monument to this member of of the Knights Templar, better known to Angeleno’s for the road that shares his name.

Due to the somewhat precarious trek – about 20 yards from street to the coffin’s spot, we’re going to be pumping out clues a little more often via CreepyLA’s Facebook page to help  ensure this coffin is found before total darkness sets in. (we’ve left a white rabbit to help lead the way, unless some other robber nabs it).

Beware – the monument’s honoree’s ashes were reportedly spread in this area, per his pre-mortem request, so his spirit could still be lurking. And please, if you’re first to find the coffin, please post a picture right away.

Not sure what the Coffin Hunt is all about? Read our initial entry on the subject.