Coffin Hunt #11: Big head

Today's coffin designed by The $tatus Faction.

The featured prize for today’s successful grave digger is a pair of tickets to ride on the Dearly Departed Tour.

That’s right – two seats on one of our favorite tours of Los Angeles that is perfect for creepy locals. We wrote about the tour here, and have yet to hear from a disappointed customer.

The finder of this coffin will also receive:

For those who show up a little late for the coffin, a few stickers and other goodies should be left behind as a consolation prize.

As for today’s clue:

While they celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at other cemeteries, the location to today’s coffin is located very near among various Mexican and South American artifacts pre-dating Christ, including a pedestal where hearts and other remains would be places as a sacrifice.

Not sure what the Coffin Hunt is all about? Read our initial entry on the subject.