Creepy Weekly, Issue 1

Former Los Angeles resident Barry Obama reimagined as Presidential Monster "Baracula"

I’m not promising this will be a regular series. But, if you have any tips that should be included in next week’s hypothetical edition, email us at creepyla at gmail dot com.

  • Check out a zombie themed episode of The Nerd Out, a girl geek podcast by Ritzy Periwinkle and Lisa Jenkins. Guests are “acclaimed zombie expert Matt Mogk, head of The Zombie Research Society on why you might die of dehydration before you ever spot your first zombie, and Josh and Morgan of the Zombie Response Team, who sat down to discuss all things preparedness on their recent cross-country trip.”
  • This Friday at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood,  magician Micah Cover unveils his one night event, “Haunted House Calls,” billed as “a chilling interactive performance of magic and mystery:  A ghost story intertwined with the pain of lost love and the timeless power of hope, as a husband and wife vanish forever – without a trace.” Tickets are $20, and proceeds go to the American Red Cross.
  • On Saturday night visit the digs of Sinister Pointe for a screening of “Evil Dead 2.” Tickets are $10. The Brea Halloween attraction has been using their space for a number of “off season” events. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their upcoming eerie happenings.
  • In non-L.A. news… a volunteer Girl Scout troop leader was dismissed because of her love of all things creepy. Former den mom Stacy Hintz is part of the website Wisconsin Sickness, which the local Girl Scouts chapter apparently views as an endorsement of evil and, salciiously, a source of zombie porn. Apparently bigotry is higher on the Girl Scouts agenda than dedicated parenting and volunteerism.
  • …and Famous Monsters of Filmland tips us off to a series of action figures that reimagines classic Universal Horror characters as U.S. Presidents. There’s the Phantom of the White House (John F Kennedy), The Ronmy (Ronald Reagan), Zombush (George W Bush), Wolf Bill (Bill Clinton, with saxophone!), Monster from the Watergate Lagoon (Richard Nixon), Lincolnstein (Abraham Lincoln), and, as pictured, Baracula (Barack Obama). Each action figure costs $24.99 from Heroes In Action Toys.