Echoplex to host FREE haunt on Saturday!

The Echoplex is hosting a massive art event this weekend that will feature a “backyard maze” by artist Albert Reyes. The event is free, and runs from noon til 7pm.

All the details we have below:

As a part of the PressNPlay fest happening at the Echoplex during Echo Park Rising, Deathbomb Arc is working with local artist Albert Reyes to build a haunted maze & pop up store. Located in the well air-conditioned lower level of the Echo (aka the Echoplex) this maze will also be your first chance to see a trailer for the documentary Deathbomb Arc is making about Albert Reyes.

Albert Reyes is an artist living in El Sereno, CA. In his backyard he has made a giant haunted house/maze inspired by burned out buildings. Occasionally he will build smaller mazes in gallery settings, but it is his ever changing backyard maze that really impressed me, leading to the creation of a film about it. The maze Albert is making at the Echoplex will be constructed out of materials stripped from his backyard haunted house. It will also contain a pop up store inside where you can buy works by Albert and vinyl selections from the Deathbomb catalogue. We will also be looping the trailer to the documentary.

The event is free, well air-conditioned and runs from noon till 7pm. We hope to see you there!!!

This pop-up store, maze, and trailer presented with the kind help of Sync Space, Angie Meng, Origami Vinyl, and tik///tik.

More photos below.