2012 Coffin Hunt #1 Clue: Splat

All the activity has led to this…PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. It’s closer than you think. In Theaters October 19th.

The first coffin in the 2012 Coffin Hunt is designed by Jami Joelle Nielsen. If you don’t happen to nab this coffin, no worries – a companion coffin she also designed will be placed on eBay in the next few days. See below for additional photos of the coffin, including the macabre contents inside…

In addition to this coffin, the finder and maybe a few less lucky runner ups will also receive passes to an advance screening of Paranormal Activity 4 in Burbank at 7pm next Thursday, as well as a t-shirt and other swag from the movie.

As for today’s clue: This “dry stream” seems a horrible place to die, but for nearly 100 years this place has been a draw for those seeking an easy way out. Not surprisingly, this location is known as one of L.A. County’s most haunted spots.

Tip: look for the creepy guy in the creepy white Volvo to get your additional prizes. And keep an eye on CreepyLA and Hidden LA’s Facebook pages to know when the coffin has been nabbed.