2012 Coffin Hunt #8 Clue: Counting Orange

The eighth coffin in the 2012 Coffin Hunt is designed by Steve Troop. His coffin pays homage to Jerry Nelson, the Muppeteer possibly best known for puppeteering “The Count” from Sesame Street, and is made from the same materials actually used to make Muppets. In case you don’t dig up this coffin, Steve made an identical one you’ll be able to bid on starting this weekend when many of the coffins will be places on eBay. And if you happen to dig Muppet style puppets, check out Steve’s newest project, “Melonpool: the Movie,” an independently made space epic using adorable puppets.

Susannah Mryvold and Katie Pelensky in Wake Not the Dead at Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery. Wicked Lit 2012.
Photo by Daniel Kitayama.

Today’s winning coffin hunter will also receive a pair of tickets to attend Wicked Lit at Mountain View Mausoleum on Halloween night —  you’ll be experiencing plays in the middle of the cemetery grounds, as well as the depths of the mausoleum. We went last year, and can attest it may be the creepiest setting for a play ever. To claim this prize, the winner must take a photo of themselves with the coffin at the location and email it to creepyla@gmail.com ASAP.

The first two runners up will get a pair of ticket’s to HiddenLA’s Wednesday night outdoor screening of “They Live” (which may or may not be very close to where Wednesday’s coffin will reveal itself…). To claim these, runners up will also need to post a photo of themselves at the location and send to creepyla@gmail.com.

As for today’s clue:

Today’s coffin might feel right at home if it were at the studio just under a mile from it’s current location.

Tip: Keep an eye on CreepyLA and Hidden LA’s Facebook pages to know when the coffin has been nabbed, and for additional clues until the coffin is found.


A peek inside today’s coffin.