Blumhouse Shows Class In Wake of “Purge” Disaster

The Purge: Fear the Night at the Variety Arts Center in Downtown LA.

The Purge: Fear the Night at the Variety Arts Center in Downtown LA.

To say the “Purge: Fear the Night” attraction in downtown LA had a disastrous first weekend is putting it mildly. Within hours after opening, over two dozen scathing one star reviews began appearing on Yelp! citing a confusing, and often boring experience.

While opening weekends for many Halloween attractions are known for being ridden with problems, this one seemed to have a considerable sting due to the $65 cost of admission and high expectations based the background of the attraction’s producer, filmmaker Jason Blum and his horror film production company, Blumhouse Productions.

What is surprising is how Blumhouse has responded to the negative response: not only are they inviting disappointed attendees to come back once they rework the show, a number of Yelp! reviewers have stated they have also been extended complete refunds. Not a refund or readmission, but both. A classy movie and worthy of commendation, in our opinion.

In an email to CreepyLA, John Singh, a spokesman for the attraction, wrote, “We heard directly from many guests and read all of the reviews we could find, and it is clear that the first-weekend audience was unhappy with the show. We are making major, major changes to much of the show, while leaving in place the sections that, unanimously, we were told were effective.”

Among the changes, according to a notice posted on The Purge: Fear the Night’s official website, will be a change in the interactive format:

Although THE PURGE: FEAR THE NIGHT was originally designed as a free-roaming experience, after our first performances, the entire event has been reconceived to guide visitors through our immersive horror theater story. Throughout your visit, you will be thrust into the horror of THE PURGE, with an even more intense, focused experience and directed from scene to scene.

“Purge: Fear the Night” resumes this weekend, when we’re assured the new changes will be in place. Unfortunately, the press night won’t be until October 10th, but we’ll have a review up soon thereafter. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Yelp! review page over the weekend to see what new visitors think, and if you attend, please feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how it went!