In addition to it’s notoriety as the fictional “Murder House” from the first season of American Horror Story, this mansion includes stained glass windows, a former chapel turned recording studio, and an advertised hidden room in the basement. Not included: a housecleaner with her own French maid uniform.

It saddens us to report that this century old gothic mansion lacks a single reported haunting, which, of course may simply mean that the ghosts haven’t revealed themselves yet. Designed and built by architect Alfred Rosenheim for his family to live in after relocating from St. Louis, for many years it was home to a group of nuns known as “The Grey Sisters.” They moved after the house was deemed unsafe following the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

In March 2015 the house was purchased for $3.5 million dollars by the ex-wife of DJ Paul Oakenfold. For a brief 24 hours in early 2016, the house was listed for rentals on AirBnB, then removed without explanation.