Cheapo-Creepo: Halloween 2016 at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree usually has tons of nifty Halloween stuff for a steal, so I try to visit at least once around early- to mid-September when they first put their Halloween stock out. This year I got lucky when I went as all their Halloween stock was out and hadn’t been picked over yet!

I took some pics of what they had, check them out below:

Those portraits of the man and woman changed to creepified portraits – 
I wish I had snagged them!
 Creepy-cute signs – I should have grabbed that “Enter at Your Own Risk” one!
 Creepy cloth and window clings!
 Garlands, bows, and sparkly bats, oh my!
 Keep Out and Haunted signs and skull lawn stakes. 
 Autumn foliage and decor!
 Adorable sippy cups and party supplies!
 Halloween cards – who wants to swap?
 Loving these plastic skeleton serving utensils! I bought two sets. 
 Lily Munster lookalike/rip-off.
 Hallow-wine glasses!
Skeleton hand stakes and skull fence.

Do you check out any dollar stores for Halloween stuff?

Until next time, stay spooky!