The Bloodshed Brothers Return With the Hyde Street Massacre

You can’t keep a good haunter down. Let alone twin brother haunters.

Zachary and Jeromy Ball, more popularly known as The Bloodshed Brothers, have been building haunted attractions since they were in the fifth grade. For five years, they were among the youngest haunters in the country to run a full scale, multi-attraction haunt, the Field of Screams Haunted Stadium.

This summer, the brothers announced they were no longer working with Field of Screams, and as recently as late July, when they appeared at the Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival, they had only announced plans to possibly go back to their roots and run a home haunt this year. Since then, Jeromy married photographer Heather Keys (now Heather Ball) of Blossom and Bloom Photography.

Then, just a few short weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself. Brittany Mendibles, the founder of In the Loop, a website Jeromy’s new wife freelances for, approached the twins to partner on a new professional haunted attraction.

According to Brittany, within a week, The Bloodshed Brothers drove up to San Francisco to pick up wall panels and other items donated by Joshua Overturf and Tabitha Barron (owners of Haunted Hornet) to began building at Galways Downs, their new venue. Additional materials were donated by local haunters and Temecula residents.

“The project is completely manageable for the first year, and no creative sacrifices were made in the time crunch,” Brittany told us. “The Bloodshed Brothers have gone back to their roots and have complete creative freedom to bring the Hyde Street Massacre into fruition. This will be a haunt for people who love haunts.”

From the press release:

The Hyde Street Massacre is the story of Otis Hatcher, a lover of Halloween who loses a grip of his sanity on October 31, 1959 as trick-or-treaters vandalize his house at 821 Hyde Street (created by Temecula natives Jeromy and Zachery Ball, aka The Bloodshed Brothers). The story has an eerie connection to the two twin brothers themselves, who have lived and breathed Halloween since the early 90s. The Haunt seed was planted in them as toddlers, and the two grew up with an endless passion for the art of distraction and fear.

This October, The Bloodshed Brothers will fabricate Otis’s house said to only be seen on Hyde Street after midnight where you can still see lights flickering, smell the flesh burning, and hear the plaintive wails of the victims of the Hyde Street Massacre.

And through it all, the Bloodshed Brothers continue to post new videos on a near daily basis on their YouTube channel, keeping fans up to speed on their haunt build progress. With 1,891 videos so far, they show no signs of slowing down.

The Hyde Street Haunt opens October 1 and runs on select nights through Halloween. For tickets and additional info visit them here.