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Good eve-ening. Today’s post pays tribute to a man known as “the master of horror,” the notorious Alfred Hitchcock. Here’s a look of where he lived, died, worked, and other points of trivia. And of course, what post about Hitchcock would be complete without a little murder?

The Queen Mary

Even before arriving in Los Angeles, Alfred Hitchcock had already planted his feet on a Southern California landmark: The Queen Mary. This trip from England to New York was only one of many Hitchcock took aboard what has become known as the most haunted ship in the world. The Hitchcock Zone Wiki break down his many trips.

Alfred Hitchcock lived and died here

609 St Cloud Rd, Bel Air: Alfred Hitchcock and wife Alma leased this home, previously owned by Carol Lombard, from 1939 to 1942. In 1989, President Ronald Reagan and Nancy moved in just a few steps away at 666 St. Cloud… and address that was changed to 668 for some reason.

10957 Bellagio Rd, Bel Air: Hitchcock lived here from 1942 until his death in 1980. His wife, Alma, passed away here in 1982. (source: I Am Not A Stalker)

Universal Studios Hollywood

If there ever was a mecca for Hitchcock fans, it would be Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition to being the shooting location of his most famous film, the theme park also boasts a bust of Hitch at the entryway, and his former office bungalow is easily spotted by anyone taking the Tour Tram (it’s #5195, and his trademark sillhouette is posted by the door).

Of course, what is the biggest draw for most Hitchcock fans to the studio is the Psycho house, which there are three ways to experience:

  1. Guests taking the  daytime tram tour will often be treated to a drive by of the home, getting as they pass by Bates Motel, where Norman Bates can often be seen dumping a body into a car trunk before scaring off tourists with a knife. Also keep an eye out if you pass by Stage 18, where the infamous shower scene was filmed, or Stage 28, where the house interior was built.
  2. Visitors to the Halloween Horror Nights event in late September through November are given the opportunity to walk through the Bates Motel parking lot, then up to the steps of the house for a photo (with Norman, of course).
  3. For those on a budget, take a drive up to Blair Drive off of Barham Boulevard, where a view of the Psycho house, and all of Universal Studios can be seen from a few hundred yards away. It’s free!

Hollywood Walk of Fame 

Alfred Hitchcock has the rare honor of having two stars on the Walk of Fame, one commemorating his contributions to motion pictures, another for television. Both are recorded as having been installed on February 8, 1960.

6506 Hollywood Blvd. (for Motion Pictures)
7013 Hollywood Blvd. (for Television)

Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite restaurants

The legendary Chasen’s Restaurant at 8039 Beverly Blvd inWest Hollywood closed in 1995, to be replaced by a Bristol Farms grocery store. Fortunately, they retained a chunk of the restaurant and its booths where you can purchase snacks from the grocery to enjoy there, and even order Dave Chasen’s famous chili from the deli menu.

Alfred Hitchcock was known to regularly dine, and nod off at, his own booth here. Frank Sinatra, Groucho Marx, and James Cagney were also regulars. The booth where Ronald Reagan proposed to Nancy was removed and installed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The body buried under the large headstone marked “Hitchcock” at Hollywood Forever Cemerery isn’t Alfred’s  (its someone else who shares his last name in the grave), but it makes for great Kodak moment. Alfred Hitchcock himself was cremated (his ashes spread over the Pacific Ocean). What is especially fitting is that the grave faces the screen of the hugely popular Cinespia Cemetery Screenings, held on the Fairbanks Lawn of Hollywood Forever every summer Saturday night. Their first screening was Hitchcock’s “Stranger’s On A Train.”

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood

Just because Hitchcock has been dead for over a quarter century doesn’t mean you can’t take a photo with him. Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood features a wax likeness of him to cozy up to for some selfies, which I’m sure he’d abhor. (CreepyLA was at the unveiling of the wax figure in 2009 with Tippi Hedren, and we have video to prove it!)

Murder of a Janet Leigh stand-in.

In 1988, Myra Davis, who worked as Janet Leigh’s stand in during the filming of Psycho, was found dead in her home at 2917 S Beverly Dr. The 79-year-old woman has been raped and strangled. It took 2 1/2 years, and another elderly rape and murder victim, before police found the killer of both women. The LA Times has an in depth piece on the hunt and capture of the murderer.

Bonus: Join Hitchcock as gives a behind the scenes tour from the set of “Psycho”

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