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Say Farewell to The Steve Allen Theater — A Creepy Theater Institution

We’ve seen a bunch of great shows at Hollywood’s Steve Allen Theater — everything from Jeffrey Combs’ heartwrenching performance as Edgar Allan Poe to the grisly hilarity of the REANIMATOR musical; Rob Zabrecky’s magic and so much more. But now it’s time to say goodbye to this great venue, which […] Read more

Mystery Lit: Holmes, Sherlock and the Consulting Detective — The Fun’s Afoot (My Belated Mini-Review)

I want to tell you that my dog ate my homework, but it was actually my computer… I had a longer review of Unbound Production’s current immersive theater show, Mystery Lit: Holmes, Sherlock and the Consulting Detective at the Los Angeles County Arboretum’s Train Station, and it was supposed to […] Read more

Attack of the Rotting Corpses: Packed In Grisly Fun

Zombie Joe… that’s a name to conjure with, for underground theater fans in the LA area. Maybe the productions at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater don’t have Pantages-level budgets, and they might not get the kind of notice that avant-garde shows get when they’re staged downtown by trust fund kids… but […] Read more

Tune Your Ears Into Terror: Fake Radio Presents “War of the Worlds” Live, And It’s An On-stage Audio Spectacular

Old-time radio has had a dedicated cult of followers for about 90 years now, and live recreations of old-time radio productions have been knocking around the stage for quite a while. Right now, L.A.’s still got a few troupes doing OTR and reader’s theater—but none of them are (or really, […] Read more

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse: High-Energy Halloween Fun That’s Charged With Positivity

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse is just a charmer. That’s the word for it: Charmer. It’s a love letter to Halloween, horror hosts and the power of non-conformity that clearly has a lot of passion and joy behind it, and those good feelings are all over the stage. [youtube][/youtube] A unique confection […] Read more

Mini-Review: Ghosts of Ma Barker—A Satisfying Mix of Spectres and Hoodlums

The recently closed production of T.S. Devai’s play, The Ghosts of Ma Barker, at the Ruby Theatre at The Complex in Hollywood offered audiences a strong intersection of drama, history, social issues and the paranormal. Framed by the story of a paranormal podcaster (Devix Szell) and a psychic investigator (the […] Read more

From Beyond and The Monkey’s Paw: A First-Class Night of Entertainment in the Mausoleum from Unbound Productions

L.A.’s own Unbound Productions does more than just their acclaimed annual Wicked Lit show—they offer up smart, often delightfully macabre theater basically year-round. The latest of their productions is a very fine version of W.W. Jacobs’ classic chiller, “The Monkey’s Paw,” paired with a particularly nice reader’s theater telling of […] Read more