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Zombie Joe’s Blood Alley Christmas: Yule Be Amazed

There’s so much I can’t tell you about Zombie Joe’s “Blood Alley Christmas,” playing tonight (Friday, December 14) and tomorrow night (Saturday, December 15) at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater in North Hollywood. I mean, I can tell you that curtain time is 11 p.m., tickets are $15, the hour-long show […] Read more

“The Woman In Black” — Reliable Chills Come to Pasadena

Susan Hill’s 1983 novel, The Woman In Black, is a pretty exemplary horror tale done in the old-fashioned gothic style, replete with family secrets and earnest lawyers navigating rough terrain and insular townsfolk to face a supernatural menace shut away in a crumbling old building.  A more or less instant […] Read more

Bride of Blood: Old Testament Grand Guignol With A Modern Outlook

“I want enlightenment, and I want it right now!” This isn’t a new idea — demanding the immediate gratification of wisdom with the same air as ordering a number five meal, large, with onion rings instead of fries — and it appears over and over again, in different contexts, throughout […] Read more

The Power of Imagination In “Edgar Allan Poe”

Force of Nature Productions‘ “Edgar Allan Poe” had its brief, bravura run at Burbank’s Generation DCD performance and practice space, and true to its minimalist staging and intimate setting, it relied on imagination — that of the audience and of its star, Duffy Hudson — to take a one-act one […] Read more

Wicked Lit 2018: A Tighter, Brighter Darkness

It’s the 10th annual Wicked Lit program at Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena, and change isn’t just in the air — it has arrived. For this Halloween season, the crew at Unbound Productions have assembled a leaner (but not meaner) version of the beloved local anthology theater performance: Two stories […] Read more

Doctor Zomba is Back — and Still a Horror Fan’s Treat

This mini-review is just to let you Creepy LA fans know that there’s a new and improved version of Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror playing in Hollywood on Saturday nights (midnights on October 20, 27 and November 3. with a matinee on October 27, too) and one special Friday […] Read more

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2018: Refining The Approach

  The word I associate with this year’s Queen Mary Dark Harbor (running now through November 2) is: Sophistication. The event matured a few years back, having started as a scrappy haunt with a bunch of rough edges and a lot of enthusiasm and then becoming a genuinely professional holiday […] Read more

Macabre Mambo Mayhem: Belated Bouquets for Barmy Brilliance

It takes a lot to get your Creepy Theater editor to write a Variety-style header for a review, but Macabre Mambo Mayhem — the music, burlesque and one-act melange that played so recently at North Hollywood’s Belfry Stage — was just the show to do it. Featuring the talents of Mambo […] Read more

Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror: Fast, Furious, Fun and Funny

Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror (playing Saturday nights this month at the Flight stage in the Complex Theater in Hollywood is a welcome throwback to the good old days of spookshows — those monstrously entertaining combinations of magic, horror hosting, vaudeville, burlesque and monster movies. Well, it’s most of that […] Read more

“Lovecraft’s CTHULHU” Is A Lovingly Crafted Adaptation of “The Call of Cthulhu”

“Lovecraft’s CTHULHU” (playing Fridays and Sundays through March 18 at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group) is a lean, clean, highly artistic and energetic telling of the classic short story, “The Call of Cthulhu,” written by Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft and published in 1928. It’s a story that’s generally seen as […] Read more