The Black Dahlia Was Here: A tour of L.A.’s most infamous unsolved murder

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Haunt Review 2016: The 17th Door Haunted Experience

Last year, the talk of the Southern California haunt community was the 17th Door in Tustin. At the time, we were intrigued, but our packed haunt schedule in 2015 didn’t leave us time to visit the haunt during its inaugural year. And, in full disclosure, we’re typically not fans of the “extreme haunt” experience, so we […] Read more

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The Real-Life WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S! Did Errol Flynn Steal John Barrymore’s Corpse To Party With It?

It’s one of the oddest and creepiest tales to emerge from the decadence of old Hollywood and key players in celebrity grave robbing have gone on the record to confirm the gruesome tale of a corpse partying after its time on Earth was long done. Silent movie legend John Barrymore who starred in the 1920 […] Read more

Creature Features In Burbank Pays Tribute To The Great Bernie Wrightson

Growing up, I was always a huge Stephen King fan. One of the earliest films I remember seeing on TV was SILVER BULLET, and as a budding young horror fan that was attempting to expand upon my vernacular, I tried to track down whatever King books I could find at the local book store, even […] Read more

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