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A guide to reported supernatural activity throughout Los Angeles County. Explore the map for a comprehensive guide to ghosts and hauntings around the City of Angels. If you know of anything that should be included, please email me at

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  • FOnso, even ghosts know to avoid as*holes. BTW, are you saying you went to one place, or all 100+ listed on the map? Did you go during the daytime like a dumba*s? Open your fridge and look for Zuul.

  • Friday, January 28, 2005.

    While vacationing in Los Angeles, I went out to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
    in Culver City to take some pics of some celebrity graves.
    I got pictures of the graves of Sharon Tate, Bing Crosby,
    Bela Lugosi, Rita Hayworth, Rosalind Russell and wanted to
    get pictures of several others.

    As I was searching (in vain) for the grave of Mr. Jimmy Durante,
    I happened to look to my left and I saw, standing about 30 yards away,
    a young man who looked to be in his late 20’s gazing at me.
    It was around Noon.
    He was a white male, about 5′ 10′ with thick, black well kept hair.
    He was wearing a long sleeve, white dress shirt and black suit pants.
    He looked at me in such a way that I thought he was annoyed with me or just curious.
    I took my eyes off of him for approximately 3 seconds while I got my
    bearings once again and then glanced back his way to give him a smile and a wave.
    Much to my puzzlement, though, he was gone.
    I scanned the area where he had been standing and he was nowhere to be found.
    In the particular area in which he’d been standing there are no trees
    and there is absolutely no way possible that he could have gotten out
    of sight so quickly unless he’d had a jet engine strapped to his back.
    One moment he was out in the open, the next, he was gone!
    My puzzlement became astonishment as I realized it was a ghost I saw.
    This ghost, however, looked slightly familiar, but I just couldn’t place him.
    About a week later, after I had returned home, I started scoping out the
    Find A Grave website for celebs graves I’d missed.
    I clicked on one name and as I looked at the face of the actor there, I gasped!
    Before me was the very face of the ghost I had seen in the cemetery.
    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I saw the ghost of Vince Edwards.
    Who was Vince Edwards?
    In the 1960’s he was best remembered as Dr. “Ben Casey”.

  • you forgot about Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center. I live down the street from there and always used to go there as a kid with my sister and my friends…now i take my son :-) It’s an old WWII rehabilitation center, hospital (there are still files lying around in the abandoned buildings), and it was also a work-camp put there by the city of Los Angeles. 
    There are always lights floating around at night (LATE at night) and other strange goings on. It’s a neat place to check out if you don’t mind being stopped by the cops…you can work your way around that. lol.

  • Hey Frank and Co…reason why FONso not experience/see  any activity was because he was too busy looking up porn…you ought to click onto Fonso’s name and you will see what I mean…no doubt Fonso will swear and curse of this revelation   but yeah…such is life aye ?  FONso !

  • Prologue:
    At an address formerly located at 2398 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Hollywood,
    CA, 90028, there once stood the stately mansion of master escape
    artist, Harry Houdini. It burned to the ground in 1957 leaving only a grotto and a stone stairway.
    As much as Houdini was involved in “Magic”, he himself did not believe
    in the Supernatural.
    Houdini wanted to debunk the idea that you could contact the Other Side
    and the people there, but Houdini died on Halloween Night, 1926.
    Before he closed his eyes forever upon the Earth, he left a code word
    with his wife, Bess, saying that if there was a way,
    he would contact her using this code word. Bess held a seance’ not long afterwards on the roof of the Hotel Knickerbocker and stated
    that she had heard from Harry. She was forced to later make a retraction of her statement when threatened by a religious group.

    To this day, no one has heard that code word from Harry, but that
    doesn’t mean that he is at rest. His ghost has been encountered at
    the ruins of his old mansion and at his residence in New York City.
    Harry was also good friends with a rather well known family who worked in Vaudeville.

    One afternoon while, while the friend was over at Houdini’s residence,
    the father’s infant son fell down the stairs into the basement.
    Fearing the worst, they ran to the stairs and looked down. Much to their
    amazement, the little boy sat on the floor of the basement
    laughing and giggling.
    Breathing a sigh of relief, Houdini said, “Wow, that was quite a buster your kid just took.”
    The kid grew up to gain fame himself. His name was “Buster” Keaton.

    The Dream:
    Several years ago, for what reason I cannot say, I had an extremely vivid dream that I was somewhere out in Los Angeles.
    There were lots of trees in the area and there were hills and valleys with many stately houses on them.
    I climbed up one hill and entered a great house with great light fixtures and the kind of design that you would only find
    in a celebrity home.
    I don’t remember too much more about it.

    From my personal blog:
    Wednesday, September 10, 2008.

    This morning as I left my rented house up in the Hollywood Hills and a cold fog still lingered over the valley,

    I made my way up, down and through the twisting, narrow streets of Laurel Canyon to the remains of the once

    stately mansion of master magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.

    It was in this once great house that a baby took “quite a buster” down some stairs and ended up laughing instead of crying.
    The kid was nicknamed “Buster” Keaton.

    Thirty-three years after Houdini died of peritonitis secondary to a ruptured appendix in 1926,
    his mansion mysteriously burned to the ground.

    All that remained were a couple of gardens, the grotto and the stairs.

    And a Ghost.

    Has Houdini indeed been watching over the remains of his estate from beyond the grave?

    There are some who think so.

    I finally arrived by taking the right driveway and going up a hill.

    There were construction workers everywhere, most of which spoke not a word of English.

    I parked my car under a great tree, got my cameras and got out of the car to look around.

    As I came around the back of the car, the first thing I noticed was the Dog.

    As I drove up there was no sign of him. Then he was just there.
    “Well, hello there”, I said with a smile, wishing to appear with all my heart as a non-threat.
    “Who might you be?”
    The dog looked up at me then down at my feet which he carefully sniffed.
    He must have come to the conclusion that I was not a threat and thus became my companion for a time.
    I then turned my attention to the front of where the mansion used to stand.
    I walked up the driveway to the first set of stairs leading up.
    The Dog ran on a few yards ahead of me and looked back.
    I suddenly felt all the blood drain from my face and I was struck by these intense feelings which flooded me:
    Sorrow, fear and most of all, a feeling of Deja Vu.
    The Dog lead the way.
    I climbed up the concrete steps which lead to nowhere, a bare and broken hill with only a few bricks here and there
    and an old exterior light, broken and lying on the ground.
    To my right was an old cross, painted in gold, also lying on the ground.
    I knew that Houdini was Jewish so I wondered at this.
    By the time I got up to the top of the estate, I was almost in tears.
    I had no idea what was happening to me…or why!
    All I know is that there is something….or someone there.

    I took the pix and videos I wanted, then went back to the car, got in and drove away.
    And as quickly as they came, the feelings which had bombarded me at this place…..departed.

  • Went to Old Zoo last night, as we were leaving… Hyena’s, Gorilla’s, Ape’s, and Some other Dog like animal began to howl, yell, and scream at us. 

    I yelled back.

  • At my old school Emerson Middle School in Westwood, CA, the auditorium was haunted by a boy who fell through the ceiling.  There have been reports of voices, glowing orbs on the catwalk (where the boy fell through the ceiling), and if you open the boy’s bathroom door, you hear the bang in the bathroom. I’ve tried it and sure enough the bang was very clearly heard.

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