Submit an event!

If you have or know of an event that would be interest to Halloween, horror, or paranormal fans in Southern California, odds are we want to list it on the site!

To submit it, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Please make all titles and descriptions print ready and written in the third person. Avoid hyperbole (ie “the scariest event ever”!) and keep the description brief and factual.
  2. Photos/graphics must be free of text. No words. None. This means no postcards or flyer type images. Your submission may be ignored if this guideline is not followed. A representative image of your event is ideal — a past event photo, movie still, etc., is preferred.
  3. If your event takes place on multiple dates, please either utilize the “repeat events” feature OR send a follow up email to creepyla (at) gmail (dot) com with your event title and dates.
  4. Please only select one or two categories, and one or two tags. If you’re unsure how to use these or which to use, please leave blank.
  5. Under venue and organizer, please search to see if your existing location or organizer already is in our system before submitting it again.

It may take up to one week before your event is approved and listed — if you have any questions, please email creepyla (at) gmail (dot) com.