The Rocky Horror Picture Show: KAOS’ Friday the 13th Show!

Frank N. Furter vs. Jason Voorhees in this shadow cast mashup of Rocky Horror and Friday the 13th. Read more

Ghost Hunting 101

Learn the basics of ghost hunting and get hands on with authentic haunted objects. Read more

2 Houses Ghost Hunt On Cielo Dr.

Spend an evening (or overnight) ghost hunting on the site where the infamous Manson Family murders occurred. Read more

Friday Oct 13th Mystery Movie Night with Special guests!

Mystery movie screening at the Mystic Museum with special guest Tom McLoughlin (writer and director of JASON LIVES)! Read more

The Backwoods Maze

Elaborate and terrifying haunted walk through that goes above and beyond theme park standards. Read more

Dapper Cadaver’s Friday the 13th Sale (with Yard Sale on the 14th)!

Stock up on gory body parts and other haunt props at Hollywood’s premiere corpse maker, Dapper Cadaver! Read more