Vote Now For the 2017 Cadavers! (Press/Media/Reviewers)

The Golden Rules

The Cadavers are intended to encourage haunt and Halloween fans to explore and attend as many Halloween related events throughout Southern California. To that end, we strive to ensure that the awards process allows for even small attractions to be judged against those with larger attendances.

Additionally, the Cadavers take a great amount of time and effort to coordinate. Please respect this, along with the haunt community, by following the these rules.

  1. Only fill out the voting form once, and only fill it out for yourself. One person, onevote!
  2. Do not vote on any haunt, attraction, or event that you work for or have any sort of monetary or professional stake!
  3. Only vote onĀ haunts, attractions, and events you have attended during the 2017 season! (But please vote on ALL that you attended.)
  4. Be sure to check off and vote in all categories of ALL the listed haunted attractions and Halloween events available.*
  5. *THE BIG EXCEPTION: Do not vote/rate/score any attraction or event you have worked on, volunteered for, or have any sort of financial stake in.
  6. For Scare Parks, only rate mazes/rides that you have ridden on.
  7. Do not share or forward this ballot link.

The Official 2017 Cadavers Ballot

Begin by selecting the attractions and events you attended.

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