Repent, sinners! Hollywood Hellhouse is back!


This isn’t your typical haunted attraction. The Hellhouse concept is based on a popular outreach program used by Christian churches throughout the Bible Belt to “show young people that they can go to hell for abortion, adultery, homosexuality, drinking and other things unless they repent and end the behavior.”

Because, really, the original version is hilarious enough, the Los Angeles version doesn’t make any effort to change the script – instead the cast just plays it as straight as possible, with a dose of overacting to make sure everyone learns a lesson. Actors from the 2004 version included Bill Maher as Satan, Sarah Silverman as a girl destined for hell after having an abortion, and Andy Richter as Jesus.

More info at their website (which is worth cruising to just for the music loop), or buy tickets via Plays 411. The show runs Thursday and weekends with a billion performances each day from October4 – 27.

In the meantime, check out Defamer’s previous write up with pictures, and for a fantastic documentary on the real Hell Houses add it to your queue on Netflix.