Costume File/Esoteric Groups

Group costumes are a movable feast, a portable party for barreling through the Hallowed Eve, while also allowing for ganging up on one member of the group (I suggest the smallest) and strong-arming them into being designated driver. I confess I’m more amused by the brazenly tasteless and extremely offensive, but that’s just me so I’ll spare you, dear readers, unless I hear otherwise. But no belly-aching if you think I’ve gone too far, okay?

The most inspired group costume I witnessed, in terms of execution and capturing the essence of the time, was when I lived in NYC, the middle of Greenwich Village actually, so the Halloween Parade was literally outside my door. This particular year was during the Bush I presidency (which now seems almost quaint by comparison but don’t get me started.)

A big white guy dressed as First Lady Barbara Bush was popping out of the top of a black stretch limo in signature blue dress and pearls, all slow waving white-gloved hands and cold bloodless smile. The limo was surrounded by a phalanx of black-suited sunglasses-wearing Secret Service agents, walkie-talkies held to their ears, jogging in perfect symmetrical stride alongside. The parade crowd went crazy as the faux Silver Fox cruised by, gleefully screaming, “Barbara! Barbara! Fuck off, Barbara!” She kept throwing her snowy head back and cackling maniacally.

Sadly, I know of no existing photos, but if you do, or you have any other group costume photos that are a cut above the rest, please send. Maybe we’ll start a gallery if we think their good enough to post.

Practical advice: If, as a group, the decision is made to go the esoteric route, be forewarned that you will be forced into the role of teacher when it comes to explaining who the hell you are dressed as. Not that that should stop you.