Creepy Questions for John Doe

A founding member of X, the Los Angeles punk monoliths, John Doe veered away from the sound for his solo career, exploring rootsy rock on a string of burnished and glowing discs.

His latest, A Year in the Wilderness, features performances by guests such as Aimee Mann, Kathleen Edwards, Dave Alvin and Jill Sobule. He performs at McCabe’s Guitar Shop on October 27th.

What do you usually do for Halloween?

I’ve spent the last ten or fifteen All Hallows’ Eves in the mountains trick or treating with my children.

Any memorable costumes from when you were a kid?

I seem to remember my mom making me a ghost– sheet over head, cut out eye holes, several times.

What’s the scariest thing about LA?

The freeway tunnels under Highway 5.

You’ve been touring a lot lately. Does the road ever get scary?

Everyday. That’s why so many overdose, lose their minds and the ones who survive are so goddamn tough.

McCabe’s Guitar Shop 3101 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica

Photograph by Autumn De Wilde