Where is Hollywood's "Spook Peak"?

An article from the July 1st, 1917 Los Angeles Times is unusual in its lack of one key detail: location. Perhaps at the time the reported haunted house was so well know it deserved little more detail?

“Spook” Haven Razed by Fire
“Haunted House” of Hollywood Burns Despite Efforts of Firemen

No more will the “ghosts” of the “haunted house” of Hollywood fareforth upon the highways to frighten the superstitious. Yesterday the building was destroyed by fire.

For fifteen years the house has stood upon a high hill overlooking the suburb. Rumor had it that ghosts were to be seen o’ [sic] around the building. The structure was was erected several years ago by a recluse, who, shortly after its completion disappeared.

The hill upon which the dwelling was built was known as “Spook Peak”. The house is set down in the records of the Hollywood Police Station as a place of trouble. Members of the fire department tried to stop the blaze yesterday, but, because of the dry conditions of the building, their efforts were useless.

If the article had appeared in late October, or on April 1st, I’d have dismissed it as a hoax. Instead, I’m curious where Hollywood’s Spook Peak may rest… who wouldn’t want to live there?