Creepy's Greatest Hits: Cheapo Creepo

Our 99 Cents Only Store recap of some of last year’s favorites…

Even given the sheer numbers of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos devotees and practitioners here, Los Angeles has an unusually large collection of stores catering to costume demands. Maybe that’s to be expected in a city where people routinely slip on and shed facades year round.

You can assemble your own with or without the assistance of vintage clothing stores or dedicated scary costume vendors. And your budget can reflect your obsession and match or defy your income level.

The late October mania doesn’t end with costumes either. There are also the decorations for parties and accoutrements for dressing up your home for the holidays– or, for the hardcore, year round.

We at CreepyLA aren’t what you would call cheap; we prefer to think of ourselves as cost-conscious. Whatever.

If it wasn’t obvious how much we loved the 99 Cents Only Stores last Halloween here at CreepyLA, and to whet your appetite for what to expect this year (appearing as we speak at select 99s around LA) take a look at some of our favorites from last year…

Skulls ruled. These two were favorites; left, hard styro mini-skulls and squeezable plastic ones on the right.

Almost looking good enough to eat was this bigger than life size creepy glow-in-the-dark bat.

While we don’t encourage irresponsible drinking, these plastic water bottles could also double as flasks to keep you fueled through a night of party hopping. And for your own party purposes, these neon spider web items plates and napkins were perfect.

You could go green AND creepy with these bags. And since 99 had a selection of eyeball and body part candy last year, we can hope for more of the same this year. (Please?)

Creepy styro door plaques!

All items from 99 Cents Only Stores.