45 Years Of Hitchcock's Masterpiece "The Birds"

Tippi Hedren will appear at the screening of the horror classic.

On Sunday September 14th, The Edison in conjunction with the Jules Verne Charity Educational Mission will be celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror masterpiece The Birds.

The Birds was the first movie Hitchcock made for Universal Studios in 1963. At the time, it was considered a technical feat. It was a production plagued by a darkness that is now legendary from the intense arbitrary horror ridden world that pervaded all of Hitchcock’s films to the on set drama that became so intolerable ingénue Tippi Hedren had a nervous breakdown, forcing the production to shut down for several days. Even by today’s standards, the film still holds up and offers a cerebral element amid the violence that made Hitchcock an unmatched genius.

Screening details and ticket info after the jump.

The screening will be hosted by Ben Lyons of E! Entertainment, including an appearance by stars of the movie Tippi Hedren and Ron Taylor. Guests can enjoy an hour of cocktails complete with Edison signature cocktails and complimentary appetizers in a gorgeous vintage parlor setting created around the remnants of the old power plant. A portion of all ticket sales will go to the Jules Verne Charity Educational Mission which has spent 17 years promoting conservation and the beauty of our planet.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online here (which is highly recommended as you will have precedence over anyone arriving to get tickets at the door). Be sure to arrive early. Entry into the venue is carefully controlled and only a strict number of patrons are allowed in.

Image: Universal Pictures