Costume Spotlight: Derringer Hats by Creepsuela

Add a show-stopping finishing touch to your chic “I’m an erotic leopard” or “metrosexual magician’s assistant” costume with these exquisitely crafted feminine (yet masculine) Derringer hats by the most mysterious of Angeleno hat makers, Creepsuela Switchletto.

In Miss Switchletto’s bio she confesses, “I’m a working mom, living in Los Angeles.  I have been working as a fashion designer the last 20 years.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been cutting up my clothes and re-vamping them!”  Her entry into fashion design school was won with a dress made of wrapping paper, but college was bypassed and she went straight into the industry designing for Jimmy Z Surfwear.

Available online in her Etsy Boutique only, her custom milinary and other fineries will have all you Halloween Vamps drooling blood over these exquisite compositions of black ribbons, pink ostrich feathers, and fishnet.  Custom orders accepted.  Get them now before she’s famous!