Creepy Questions for Creature Feature

Creature Feature terrorizes the Whiskey on October 28th for their annual Halloween party.

Creature Feature terrorizes the Whiskey on October 28th for their annual Halloween party.

If you need a soundtrack for October, be sure to dig up “” by L.A.’s own musicians of the macabre, Creature Feature. The “two-fiend band”, known individually as Erik X and Curtis Rx, describes themselves as “a band that forces you remember why you used to sleep with the lights on.” ()

What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes growing up?

Erik X: Probably the year I handmade an exact replica of the “Edward Scissorshands” costume. It took me six months to make and I actually shaved my eyebrows off for authenticity, the weeks after that were a little awkward—without eyebrows.

Curtis Rx: As a little kid, one year I dressed up as a Ghostbuster and I had one of those store bought toy backpacks, I also glued some other weird pieces onto it to make it look cooler, like old calculators, parts of broken clocks, etc. I also used an old pair of gardening goggles and glued paper towel tubes and random stuff to it to make Ghostbuster goggles. Now, In theory this all sounds cool, until it started sprinkling. By the end of the night everything I attached to it was melting off and I left parts of my costume laying all over the streets for miles, but I still got a pillowcase full of candy.

What are some of the creepiest parts of Los Angeles?

Curtis Rx: There are a ton of places in Los Angeles that become creepy after dark and that’s what we like about it. No trip to Los Angeles is complete without visiting “Hollywood Forever” cemetery, the house used in the filming of “Nightmare On Elm Street”, and the “Roosevelt Hotel” where you can stare into the legendary mirror that is said to hold the restless ghost of Marilyn Monroe.

Where is the scariest place you’ve ever taken a date?

Curtis Rx: A cemetery, it always has to be a cemetery. I have this thing I like to have people do in our local cemetery when I first meet them, it’s called “The Walk Of Shame”. There is a dark path that leads from one end to the other and at night, it’s pitch black. I like to take people there and make them walk alone from one end to the other in total darkness at a very slow pace. It’s amazing what your mind will invent while you walk along that path, all the creepy sounds you hear and the creatures you conjure up to go with those sounds. If, and I mean “IF” you make it to the other end, you can feel your heart beating out of your chest.

Erik X: I don’t date, I think dating alone is “SCARY”.

Ever seen a ghost or had a supernatural experience?

Erik X: I thought i did once when i was a kid, but it turns out that it was just my Grandmother running low on medication.

Curtis Rx: You know what, I’ve never had one, even though i’ve been on my fair share of ghost hunts and pilgrimages to haunted places. I love everything having to do with ghosts and the supernatural and I put myself in the perfect situations for a supernatural experiences, but to this day—still nothing. Everybody who’s seen a ghost, never wants to again, and anybody who hasn’t, really wants to see one for the first time. Sure, everybody says they’d love to see a ghost, but I guarantee, if one night, after the hour of midnight, when the full moon is high in the sky, and you turn over in bed, only to see a shambling specter rattling his death chains in the corner of your room—you’d run for your life and your feet wouldn’t even touch the floor.

Besides Creature Feature, can you tell us about some other lesser known bands that help spread the Halloween spirit?

Curtis Rx: We have been lucky enough to play with some other amazing bands that bleed the feeling of Halloween into their music. “Schoolyard Heroes” from Seattle, “Stolen Babies” from Los Angeles, the amazing undead country western troubadour simply known as “Unknown HInson” and of course there’s always the legendary “Oingo Boingo” who fuse Dia de los Muertos and Halloween perfectly.

If it turns out your life is a movie, which undead character do you think you’ll come back as?

Curtis Rx: Wait, you mean it isn’t a movie? If that were the case, I would rather be the mad scientist who concocted the special neon colored elixir that brought the dead back to life in the first place—I want to be the ringleader of the damned.

Erik X: Blacula

Describe your perfect Halloween.

Curtis Rx: We’re lucky enough and blessed enough to get to opportunity to perform our spooky music to an audience of crazed horror movie obsessed friends and fans every Halloween, so that is pretty much our idea of the perfect halloween. Other than that, it would be cool to trick or treat again without having somebody say “Aren’t you a little tall to still be trick or treating?”. I’m six foot three inches tall, that makes it really tough to get away with nowadays.