Collectible Monster Tees at Johnny Cupcakes on Melrose

Since T-shirt mogul Johnny Cupcakes moved into my neighborhood, every few months I have had to deal with shoving my daughter’s stroller through a sidewalk cramped with high-fashion bad-postured skater youth in lawn chairs waiting, literally for days, for the opportunity to buy a t-shirt.  What’s the big deal, right?

Basically, at the time of the tee-shirts release, Count Cupcakes (A.K.A. Johnny Earle) arrives in a well-curtained hearse, completely sealed in a coffin, and is carried to the storefront by pallbearers. His casket is ceremonially opened, and this graphic-designer turned prophet rises to bestow his free t-shirt blessings on frenzy-faced worshippers.  So you see, he is worthy of creepster adoration.  This October, the collectible designs feature the not-so universal monsters (i.e. Elm Street’s Nightmare, the Hockey-faced Hacker, and the super-sized doughboy) as well as the JC logo in bile-colored brains.

Johnny Cupcakes is located at 7959 Melrose Avenue, in the West of Fairfax Revival, adjacent to Tarina Tarantino, Kid Robot, Fitzu, BAPE, and Agent Provocateur.  Preview the designs here.