Visit "Zombieland" at Knott's Scary Farm

"Zombieland" the movie opens Oct. 9th... "Zombieland" the maze opens at Knotts Sept. 24th.

"Zombieland" the movie opens Oct. 9th... Knott's "Zombieland" scarezone opens at Sept. 24th.

While Universal Horror Night’s is boasting the addition of the zombie-themed “Sean of the Dead” to its lineup, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt will be featuring a maze scarezone based on the upcoming feature film “Zombieland” starring Woody Harrelson.

LA Times resident undead hunter Brady Thomas has the scoop:

The post-apocalyptic zombie comedy, which opens in theaters on Oct. 9, follows a lone band of survivors who fight the living dead. Scenes from the movie were shot at Wild Adventures theme park in Georgia…

Zombieland will take over a new scare zone location in the Buena Park theme park near the Silver Bullet roller coaster entrance.

Movie tie-ins are nothing new for Knotts, which in the past has featured mazes based on new releases including Quarantine, The Grudge 2, and Beowulf, with mixed reviews. Based on the previews, Knotts creative team have plenty of fun elements to play with to make Zombieland a success, as the film portrays a world overrun by zombies to the extent that killing them dead is done for sport and glory.

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Correction: the “Zombieland” attraction was originally described here as a “maze” instead of a “scarezone.”